The Benefits of Sound Therapy

Welcome to "The Benefits of Sound Therapy"

Hello, My name is Wilson and I'm a certified sound healer. I have a passion to help Men, Women and families heal from generational, emotional, spiritual and physical traumas.

The Benefits of Sound Therapy

The intention of Sound Healing Therapy is to create a space for you to reset, receive, release & learn how to quiet your mind while the physical body enters a deep state of relaxation. Each instrument is played subtly with great intention and care in order to create this space of healing.

Resonance frequencies are the natural frequencies at which it is easiest to get an object to vibrate. Which equals, optimum health and wellness. All of the instruments utilized within these therapies are tuned to a resonant and dominate frequency in order to bring every cell of your body into harmonic resonance.

Benefits of Sound Therapy at the Physical Level:

Every cell is affected by the Sound Wave Vibrations.

*Stimulation of the major systems of the body: Circulatory Lymphatic, Endocrine, Digestive & Nervous System.

* Alleviation of Chronic Pain

* Ease to Arthritis & Joint Pain

* Increasing healing rate & self-regeneration

* Decreased Blood Pressure

* Limbic System is signaled to return to a calm state

Additional Benefits:

* Harmonizes the hemispheres of the Brain

* Allows the practitioner to reach deep states of lasting peace

* Improved Sleep

* Dissolution of Anxiety, PTSD, Depression

* Healing & releasing of Emotional, Physical, Mental traumas

* Increased Creativity & overall awareness

* Deeper Connection to Self & all relations

* Clearer state of mind

* Overall increased well-being & quality of life

In Closing

Just like water in a sound bowl, frequency has a major effect on every cell of your body. Your body is composed of 60-75% water that incudes your Brain, Heart, every organ, your blood, you get the picture water is in every part of your body. This is why Sound Therapy can be so impactful.

I invite you to book your own Sound Therapy session and get on the healing path.